About Us

Greeting and welcome to our pages and our plant selection.  We remain one of the main and best known hybridizers of  African Violets.

We continue to hybridize Buckeyes for better foliage and large, exciting blossoms. Also, we are pleased to rasie new miniatures and semi miniatures from Hortense Pittman and Bob Kurzynski.

We send more gift leaves than anyone else in the business – at least 15% of your order.  For this reason it is most advisable to give us a substitute list so that gifts may be chosen from it.  If there are any plants in this catalogue that you do not wish to receive, you may also state that.

Service is our specialty.  We will enclose, free with your order, upon your request, instructions for wick watering, propagating from leaves and mixing soil.

If you have won a prize with one of the famous Buckeyes, we would love to see a picture of your prize winning plant.  We may include the picture of your plant in the color photo section of our catalogue. 

We welcome your phone calls and we wish you Happy Growing and much success in the year to come.

Pat Hancock 

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